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Title : Top Do Good Design
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Top Do Good Design

Do Good Design
By:"David B. Berman"
Published on 2008-12-16 by Peachpit Press

How Design CAN CHANGE the World Today, everyone is a designer. And the future of civilization is our common design project. How does design help choose our leaders? Why do we really have an environmental crisis? How can accessible design broaden your audience? Why does the U.S. economy now struggle to compete? How has design thinking added to the bottom line of the world’s most valuable companies? Design matters. As it never has before. Design creates so much of what we see, what we use, and what we experience. In a time of unprecedented environmental, social, and economic crises, designers must now choose what their young profession will be about: deploying weapons of mass deception — or helping repair the world. Do Good Design is a call to action: This book alerts us to the role design plays in persuading global audiences to fulfill invented needs. The book then outlines a sustainable approach to both the practice and the consumption of design. All professionals will be inspired by the message of how we can feel better and do better while holding onto our principles. In a time when anything has become possible, design thinking offers a way forward for us all. What will you do?

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