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Top Adland

By:"Mark Tungate"
Published on 2007 by Kogan Page Publishers

Adland is a ground-breaking examination of modern advertising, from its origins in the 19th century to the evolution of the current advertising landscape. Author and journalist Mark Tungate examines key developments in advertising, from print, radio, and television advertisements to the opportunities afforded by digital media -- podcasting, text messaging, and interactive campaigns. Adland focuses on key players in the industry and features exclusive interviews with leading names in international advertising, including Tom Bernadin, CEO of Leo Burnett; Jean-Marie Dru, President and CEO of TBWA Worldwide; and John Hegarty, Chairman of BartleBogleHegarty. Exploring the roots of the advertising industry in New York and London, and going on to cover Western Europe and the emerging markets of Eastern Europe, Asia, and Latin America, Adland offers a comprehensive examination of a global industry and suggests how it is likely to develop in the future.

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